Camera Operation

With over 12 years shooting experience, I’m proficient at using a range of cameras and lighting setups.

My usual camera rigs of choice are the Sony FS7, Canon C300 and Panasonic GH5. Experienced using RED Cam and the likes for broadcast.

I’m happy to hire in any kit necessary to get the job done. 

Video Editing

I use the Adobe CC Suite to edit most of my content but flexible to use Final Cut Pro X and Avid.

I can deliver content up to 4k resolution, for broadcast, web/social media and mobile devices. 

Also flexible to edit on location using my MacBook Pro laptop. 

Aerial Video

Aerial footage can be provided if filming is in a commercial flight free zone and permission is granted.

I shoot 4k footage using a DJI Mavic Pro UAV drone (0.8kg, registered with CASA).


I like to pitch myself as storyteller, first grasping a deeper understanding of your purpose before creating content.

I specialise in outdoor and adventure films but work with other brands that are purpose driven to create story solutions that truely make an impact.


Photography is now part of my day-to-day operation when shooting on the road.

I have taken stills from some of the most diverse regions around the world and often go on multi-day trips around Australia in search of documenting that unique location.

My kit lenses enable me to shoot anything from landscapes, portraits and wildlife.

Adventure and Exploration

One of my greatest passions is the desire to travel and explore people and places across the world.

I love to escape the hustle and bustle from time to time and seek those hidden gems that usually lead to the most unique stories and adventures.


Here’s a selection of the kit I own. I use this kit mostly for the adventure filmmaking work where a lighter weight pack list is required. If i’m shooting for commercials i’m more than happy to hire in kit as required to do the job. 


All production rates, filming, and editing are subject to the nature and scope of the job.  Please contact me via

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Special rates are offered for educational, cultural & non-profit organisations.