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As everyone says, it’s a strange thing writing about yourself, but here goes…

Originally from Barnsley in the UK, I now live and work out of Sydney, Australia. Making the move down under has opened up an array of opportunities and new experiences working alongside some fantastic folk. I currently freelance and contract in several roles including, direction, camera operation and editing.

With a background predominantly in sport, I recently made the switch to spread my workload in the outdoor and adventure space, paired with corporate and brand productions. Some of my most recent work includes cinematographer roles for the Animal Planet broadcast show ‘Big Cat Tales’, shooting in the Masai Mara and documenting some of the conservation efforts and storytelling narratives of the big cats in the area. For this we used some pretty cool kit, shooting on RED and using the epic Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000mm.

‘Big Cat Tales’ Season 2 – Animal Planet

Role: Cinematographer

The Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek

Role: Filmmaker and Presenter

Roles Reversed

This was my first time presenting to camera. Normally behind the camera, it was an interesting perspective to see the mindset switch when the roles are reversed. I wanted to try and get a better understanding of what my clients/talent were going through when given direction.

Needless to say, I loved the experience and look forward to more ‘out of my comfort zone’ gigs like this.

From Sport to Now

As I mentioned before, much of my career has been spent working in the sports media industry, mostly in a video content production capacity. Recent experience has included positions as Tottenham Hotspur FC as the club videographer and editor and Assistant Producer at Perform Media Group.

I’m a huge football/soccer fan (depending on where you come from) which was a huge driving force behind my desire to work in the industry, having had some fantastic years producing content for a massive world audience.

Here’s a fun little video I produced that went viral reaching well over 2 million views.

The Adventure Film Group

With a passion for the outdoors and brand storytelling, it is now that I’ve started a new chapter in my filmmaking career.

I’m the founder of Australia’s first dedicated adventure filmmaking community and host regular events to encourage filmmaking collaboration.

More information at www.adventurefilmgroup.com.au

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